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Deciding For Yourself What Is Best For You

Many photographers charge premium prices for their most popular images.  I don't believe it's right to charge you more for a print based on how other people feel about it.  So I price my work based on the size and the type of medium you choose.  In order to order your fine art print, follow these easy steps or just call me and I'll be happy to walk you through the process.  I am very complimented that you are interested in placing one of my prints in your home or place of business.  Thank you.     Rob

1.  Choose the image you would like.  Images are shown in all the portfolios, and clicking on any image will bring up a larger view of it, along with the "Story Behind The Photo".

2.  Decide on the size you would like.  Not all sizes are availble for every image.  The available sizes depends on the Aspect Ratio of the image (ratio of height to width).  Decide on the best size for you, and then when we talk, I'll let you know if your chosen size can be made without cropping the image.  If it can't, I promise to get as close to your ideal size as possible.

3.  Decide on the medium you would like.  My prints are available as paper prints, metal prints, and premium Gallery Contemporary Floats.  I will also provide canvas wraps for some selected images.  I'll describe each below.

Paper Prints:  I only allow my images to be printed on the best photographic paper available today.  To me, that is Fuji Crystal Archive paper.  It is thick professional grade 100 year archival paper.  It has an extremely high gloss finish and has a richness and depth that you cannot find in more inexpensive papers that some labs use.

Metal Prints:  Meal prints are produced with a process called dye sublimation.  For these prints, the image isn't printed on the metal, but is actually infused into the surface.  The image actually has some depth that causes the colors to pop.

Gallery Contemporary Floats:  This is my highest quality medium.  The image is printed on Fuji Flex paper which is mounted to an aluminum substrate.  Finally a high gloss protective coating is added.  These prints are absolutely amazing, providing an unrivaled clarity and color vibrancy that you just can't find in any other medium.

4.  Determine the price by using the chart below, or call me and I'll help you determine it.  Please note that the actual price you pay will vary somewhat after taxes and shipping (if applicable) are added.

5.  Finally, contact me to begin the dialogue.  

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