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To most people, photography is a hobby, a diversion, a way to record events they experience and places they visit.   To me, it's far more than that.  For me it is a passion, a way of life, and a means to create something beautiful or interesting out of even the mundane and ordinary.  A photograph is created on both sides of the camera - the lens and shutter are just a means to record the light.  A good photograph is born in the mind of the photographer, recorded by the camera, nurtured in post-processing, and experienced by the people viewing the finished product. 


This is my quest.  Not to just record what I see, but create what I imagine, and provide an enjoyable and meaningful experience for those seeing my work.  If you think about my work after you’ve moved on, I’ve succeeded.




Haystack Rock LR1 PS2 (web100).jpg
Pushkar Characters LR1 PS2 (web100).jpg
Water Lily Reflections2 LR1 PS2 LR3 PS4
Castel Sant'Angelo LR1 PS2 (LR edit capt
Bald Eagle Success V2 LE1,EE1 (web100).j
747 Landing At St Maarten_edited-4,EE1 (
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